Exemplary Bonus FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Younique Exemplary Bonus?
Presenters who are paid as Pink Status or Blue Status and personally sponsor a new Presenter are eligible for the Exemplary Bonus. During the new Presenter’s Fast Start period (first 90 days), the sponsoring Presenter is eligible to receive a bonus equal to 8 percent of the new recruit’s PRS during her Fast Start period as long as the sponsoring Presenter remains Paid-as Pink Status or Blue Status.

What if I sponsor someone when I am Yellow Status? Do I start getting paid the bonus equal to 8 percent of my recruit’s PRS if I promote to Pink Status and my recruit is still in her Fast Start period (first 90 days)?
Yes. If a Presenter is Paid-as Pink Status or Blue Status when the month finalizes, she will be paid the 8 percent Exemplary Bonus on the First Level Presenter’s PRS as long as those orders occur within the recruit’s Fast Start period.

What if I advance to Green Status or higher in my recruit’s Fast Start period (first 90 days)? Do I still continue to get the 8 percent of her PRS?
No. If you promote to Green Status for the month, you are no longer eligible for the Exemplary Bonus. However, you now are eligible for the Elite Bonus. See details in the Elite Bonus FAQ.

I am recognized as Green Status but am only paid as Blue Status. Do I get the bonus if I sponsor people during the month I am paid as Blue Status?
Yes. Recognized Green Status Presenters or above are eligible to receive the Exemplary Bonus if they are Paid-as Pink Status or Blue Status. They just need to have First Level Presenters who are still in their first 90 days during the month the Presenter is paid as Pink Status or Blue Status.

When will I receive the bonus?
After the month finalizes on the 8th of the following month, you will receive the additional 8 percent Exemplary Bonus in your PayQuicker account with your month-end commissions earned under the label “Perks & Other.” For instance, if you earn the Exemplary Bonus in August, you will receive it with your commissions in September on all PRS that qualify for this bonus in August.

Is there a cap on how many new Presenters I can sponsor to receive the Exemplary Bonus?
No. There is no cap on how many Presenters you can sponsor to then receive the Exemplary Bonus. As long as you are Paid As Pink Status or Blue Status during your First Level Presenter's Fast Start period, you can receive the bonus.

Do I receive all the PRS that the First Level Presenter earns in a month, even if her Fast Start period ends mid-month?
No. If a Presenter qualifies for the 8 percent Exemplary Bonus, that bonus is earned only on the PRS that was placed during the Fast Start period. All other PRS earned by the First Level Presenter that month would not be included in the bonus. However, it is still included in that month’s Circle Sales.

Please note, to maintain the integrity of this promotion, all accounts qualifying for Presenter perks will be subject to review to ensure compliance with our Policies and Procedures.

For additional questions regarding the terms and conditions of this promotion, please contact Customer Care at support@youniqueproducts.com.

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