Elite Bonus FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Younique Elite Bonus?
When a Presenter promotes to Elite for the first time, both the Presenter and her first upline Elite will receive a bonus of $250 USD, $287.5 CAD, $287.5 AUD, $325 NZD, £162.5 GBP, $3,250 MXN, 212.5 € EUR, and HK$1,850.

In order to be eligible as the newly promoted Presenter, you need to be paid as Elite for the first time in your Younique lifetime when the month finalizes on the 8th of the following month.

In order to be eligible as the upline Elite, you need to be the first Paid-as Elite Presenter or above in the upline of the Presenter who promotes to Elite for her first time.

How do you determine who is my upline Elite?
Your upline Elite would be the first Presenter in your upline who is paid as an Elite Presenter or above the month you qualify for Elite for the first time. You would also be considered their First Generation Elite.

What is the difference between Recognized and Paid-as status?
Recognized Status is the highest achieved status in a Presenter’s Younique lifetime.
Paid-as Status is based on the qualification criteria met in that individual month. Based on your performance, it can fluctuate from month to month.

When will I receive the bonus?
After the month finalizes on the 8th of the following month, you will receive the Elite Bonus in your PayQuicker account with your month-end commissions earned under the label “Perks & Other.” For instance, if you earn the Elite Bonus in August, you will receive it with your commissions in September.

Can I earn this bonus more than once?
Not as the newly Elite Presenter. This bonus is paid to the Elite Presenter for the first time she is promoted to Elite, which only happens once in a Presenter’s Younique lifetime. For most Presenters, this will be when they promote to Green Status for the first time.

However, now that you are Elite, you can earn this bonus as an upline Elite. There is no limit to the number of times you can receive this bonus if you are the First Generation Elite when a Qualified First Level Presenter in your downline promotes to Elite.

Please note, to maintain the integrity of this promotion, all accounts qualifying for Presenter perks will be subject to review to ensure compliance with our Policies and Procedures.

For additional questions regarding the terms and conditions of this promotion, please contact Customer Care at support@youniqueproducts.com.

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