Younique Exclusive Car Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Younique Exclusive Car Bonus?
Any Presenters who are paid as Purple Status or Black Status will receive a car bonus each month they are paid as an Exclusive Status.

In addition, Presenters will receive a car kit with exclusive Younique accessories the first time they qualify for the car bonus. The kit includes a chrome license plate cover, a silver Younique-branded keychain, a chrome flourish emblem, and a flourish decal.

What is the value of the monthly bonus?
Any Purple or Black Status Presenter who is paid within the Exclusive level, or any Presenter who advances to Purple Status or Black Status for the first time, will receive the following cash bonuses:
  • Paid-as Purple Status: $500 USD, $575 CAD, $575 AUD, $650 NZD, £325 GBP, $6,500 MXN, 425 € EUR, HK$3,700
  • Paid-as Black Status: $750 USD, $862.50 CAD, $862.50 AUD, $975 NZD, £487.50 GBP, $9,750 MXN, 637.50 € EUR, HK$5,550

Can I get both bonuses?
Not in the same month. A Presenter can qualify for either the Purple Status bonus of $500 or the Black Status bonus of $750, depending upon her Paid-as status. The Black Status bonus is an increase from the Purple Status bonus and is not in addition to it.

What is the difference between Recognized and Paid-as status?
Recognized Status is the highest achieved status in a Presenter’s Younique lifetime.
Paid-as Status is based on the qualification criteria being met in that individual month. It can fluctuate from month to month.

When will I receive the bonus?
After the month finalizes on the 8th of the following month, you will receive the cash bonus in your PayQuicker account with your month-end commissions earned under the label “Perks & Other.” For instance, if you earn the car bonus in July, you will receive it with your commissions in August.

If I do not meet the monthly requirements one month, will I still get the monthly car bonus?
No. If you are not Paid-as Purple Status or Black Status for the month, you will not get the bonus for that month. However, you will receive the bonus again the next time you are paid as Purple or Black Status.

Is there a cap on how many months I can receive the bonus?
No. There is no cap on how many months you can receive the bonus. As long as you qualify, you can receive the bonus.

If I am recognized as Black Status Presenter but am Paid-As Purple Status, will I still receive the bonus?
Yes, you are eligible for the Purple Status car bonus listed above as long as you are paid as Purple Status.

What kind of car is allowed?
It’s up to you! We support you using your car bonus for whatever car fits your needs, whether that’s a minivan or a convertible.

Please note, to maintain the integrity of this promotion, all accounts qualifying for Presenter perks will be subject to review to ensure compliance with our Policies and Procedures.

For additional questions regarding the terms and conditions of this promotion, please contact Customer Care at

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