Add Your Voice

What is Add Your Voice?
Add Your Voice is a tool through which you can submit feedback directly to Younique regarding anything from website features, products, and more. Our Presenters are working the business every day, and your feedback is invaluable to us!

How can I add my voice?
Log into your Presenter account and select the “Add Your Voice” widget on your dashboard. You will be prompted to describe your idea or piece of feedback. If there are existing similar ideas, you will have the option to join your idea with theirs to increase its popularity.

How do I know my feedback has been submitted?
When your feedback has been successfully submitted, you will see a message thanking you for submitting feedback with us. 

Once submitted, what happens to my feedback?
Once you have submitted your feedback, your request is reviewed and categorized. It is then escalated to the appropriate department for further review. Those ideas and pieces of feedback will be analyzed and taken into consideration by that department as we make plans and move forward as a company.

Will I receive any compensation if my ideas are taken by the company?
No. Per section 6.2.2 of the Younique Independent Presenter Agreement, you agree to assign to Younique all rights in and to any idea you submit to Younique, including any claim for compensation or payment of any kind. However, adding your voice is the best way to let us know how we as a company can best support you and your Younique business. 

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