June Punta Cana Incentive Cash

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the June Punta Cana Incentive?
During the month of June, the top 250 Presenters (per the status breakdown below) with the highest PRS will earn $500 (US and NZ), $575 (CAD and AUD), £325 GBP, $6,500 MXN, 425 € EUR, HK$3,700 in travel incentive cash.
  • Exemplary (Pink/Blue)—50 winners
  • Elite (Green/Orange)—150 winners
  • Exclusive (Purple/Black)—50 winners
In addition, the two Presenters with the highest PRS in each market will receive a special doubled bonus of $1,000 (US and NZ), $1,150 (CAD and AUD), £650 GBP, $13,000 MXN, 850 € EUR, HK$7,400 in travel incentive cash. 

Please note that a minimum of 2000 PRS must be earned to receive travel incentive cash.

Can I earn both the $500 and $1,000 travel incentive cash?
No, you are only eligible for one. If you are among the Presenters who earn the doubled $1,000 bonus, then the $500 bonus spot in the 250 Presenters group goes to the next Presenter who qualifies.

What are the qualifying dates for the June Punta Cana Incentive?
The Punta Cana Incentive is available June 1, 2017, at 12:01 a.m. PDT through June 30, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

How will I receive the travel incentive cash bonus?
After the month of June finalizes on July 8, if you are recognized as a winner, you will receive the cash bonus in your PayQuicker account with your month-end commissions earned for June under the label “Perks & Other.”

If I don’t go on the Incentive Trip, do I have to pay the bonus back?
No. If you earn the travel incentive cash, it’s yours to enjoy!

What travel expenses are eligible for use with the travel incentive cash?
Once the money is in your account, it is yours to spend how you see fit.

What if I advance statuses in the month of June?
Your status color category for this incentive is based on your highest recognized status as of June 5, 2017. For example, if you promote to Blue Status in May (which is finalized on June 5th), then you are part of the Blue Status category of qualifying Presenters in this incentive.

Please note, to maintain the integrity of this promotion, all accounts qualifying for Presenter perks will be subject to review to ensure compliance with our Policies and Procedures.

For additional questions regarding the terms and conditions of this promotion, please contact Customer Care at support@youniqueproducts.com.

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