How To: Change Tablet Media

To change or update a video on the #YFlourish2017 Tablet, follow these steps:
  1. Ensure the tablet is off. You can turn the tablet on and off by pressing the power button, located underneath the screen.
  1. Connect the tablet to a computer using the included USB cable. The tablet should be recognized by the computer as a storage device and the tablet will display the image shown below.
  1. You can access the tablet's files on your computer. Open the video directory, where you will see a file named “01”. This is the existing video file that will play on the tablet.
  1. If you wish to change the media already on the tablet, delete this file (“01”) from the video directory. The tablet will now have room for new media.
  2. Locate your desired video or image you wish to upload on the tablet and save the new file to the tablet in the video directory.
  1. If you would like a specific video to play first on the tablet, rename the file to “01”.
  1. Eject the tablet from your computer, disconnect the USB cord, and turn the tablet on to ensure that your uploaded media plays correctly.

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