Backordered and Out of Stock Products


Products may still be purchased when they are on backorder. If you purchase an item on backorder, it will ship separately from the rest of your order once we have it back in stock in our Distribution Center. You can find your backordered product's estimated re-stock date by visiting your online receipt in your Order History.

Once a backordered product comes back in stock, all backorders are processed on a first-ordered basis in our Distribution Center. If you would like to check on the shipping status of your backordered item, you can do so through your Younique account on your Orders Page. On this page, you can see if multiple shipments have been sent for this order, the shipments' contents, and find tracking information for each shipment (as shown below).


Out of Stock Products

If we receive enough orders of a backordered product to completely allocate the next shipment we will receive, the product becomes "out of stock" and will not be available for purchase on the website. We are unable to provide estimated re-stock dates for items that are out of stock.

If you ordered an "out of stock" product while it was still on backorder, your product should ship shortly after its estimated re-stock date.

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