Virtual Party - Check In

You can now invite a friend to Host a Virtual Party for you, even if they have not been a customer in the past. This option is listed as "Customer or Friend".

Here you have the option to create a contact.

All you will need to do this is your intended Hostess' name and email address.

At this point, the Hostess has saved and you can set up your Virtual Party as normal.

The Hostess selected will receive an email like this.

When the Hostess clicks to check in, they will be prompted to authenticate with a social media account.

Once logged in, the Hostess then can confirm and check in to the Virtual Party.

Please note that your Virtual Party will activate as soon as you create the Party, even if the Hostess has not checked in. In your Back Office, you can easily see whether or not the Hostess has checked in to the Virtual Party.

The Hostess has until (30) days after the Virtual Party has closed to check in as the Hostess in order to receive his/her Hostess Rewards. Once the Virtual Party closes (and if the Hostess has not yet checked in), it will alert you (the Presenter) how long they have left to check in.

Did you enter your Hostess' email incorrectly or would like to resend their invitation to check in? No problem! You can do this by clicking on the "Not checked in" link under your Hostess' name in the "My Parties" section of your Back Office.

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