Host a Virtual Party

Creating a Virtual Party is easy and will allow you the opportunity to share Younique with your friends, while earning Hostess Rewards in the form of Younique Cash (product credit) and Half Price Items for yourself.

As a customer wanting to host a Virtual Party, you can easily set this up by visiting your Presenter's website (example:'sURLHere) and selecting "Party". Then you will have the option to "Schedule a New Party" as shown below.

If you do not have a Presenter in mind, you can find Presenters in your area by visiting our Presenter Map HERE.

You will be prompted to login with your social media account of choice (Facebook, Google +, or Instagram). This will create your account with Younique, so you can use your Hostess Rewards the minute your Party is finalized.

You will then be prompted to select a theme for your Virtual Party.

Once you have selected your theme of choice, you do have the option to customize it by selecting "Advanced Options".

In this option, you will have the ability to change your Party's name, welcome message, and instructional media.

Once you have edited any needed information, click "Save My Party".

Your Virtual Party will be automatically created so you can instantly share it to social media and start earning Hostess Credits in the form of Younique Cash (product credit) and Half Price Items.

Best of luck with your Party!

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