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How can I return or exchange my Younique product(s)?
To return or exchange your Younique products, please contact Customer Support with your Order ID. Support will be able to provide you with your order-specific return instructions and your unique RMA number, which is required to process any return with Younique.

What is an RMA number, and why do I need it?
RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, and is a personalized number assigned to your return request that our Shipping Department requires in order to process your refund and/or exchange. If our Shipping Department receives a return without the aforementioned RMA, it causes further investigation and may significantly delay your refund and/or exchange.

Should I contact Customer Support each time I return product to Younique?
Yes! Customer Support will issue a unique RMA for every return or exchange request you make. This number is required in order to process your refund or exchange within our Return Facility.

Where should I return my products?
When you contact Customer Support, you will receive all the information needed to complete your return. This will include the address where you may send your returned product. Please be aware that your return facility will vary based on market, so it is imperative that you use the address given to you by Customer Support.

Can I return my product in person to the Distribution Center or the Corporate Offices?
Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to accept packages delivered to our offices in person.

How do I know what kind of refund my order is qualified to receive?
Our complete return policy can be found in our Love It Guarantee. When you contact Customer Support, we will be sure to let you know in which category your return falls.

What should I include in my return package?
Please include in your return package the following items:
  1. All products you intend to return
  2. Your completed RMA form
You will receive the RMA form to complete when you contact Customer Support regarding your return.

How do I fill out my RMA form?
Your RMA number must be included on your RMA form. If you include it at the top of the form, it will automatically populate on the address label, allowing us to complete your return as quickly as possible.

In addition to your RMA number, you will be prompted for further information including your Order ID and the products you have included. Please be sure to fill out this form in its entirety.
The top half of your form should be printed and included in your return package. (see image below)

The bottom half of your form should be separated and attached to the outside of your package. Please ensure that the RMA number has populated. (see image below)

I do not have access to a printer. How can I complete the RMA form?

If you cannot print the form, you may fill it out and attach it to your reply email to Customer Support. We will then forward it on to our Shipping Department. In addition, please ensure that the address on the outside of your return package mirrors the information at the bottom of the form (including your RMA number).

Do I need to pay return shipping?
Yes. Under our Love It Guarantee, we require the customer to pay any return shipping costs for a return or exchange. If you choose to exchange your product, however, we will pay shipping to send the new product back to you.

When will I receive my refund/exchanged product?
Once we receive your package in our Return Facility, please allow up to 7 business days to be contacted regarding your refund and/or exchange.

If you requested an exchange, we will contact you with a new Order ID containing your exchanged product. At this point, your package will be fulfilled in our Distribution Center based on the processing and shipping estimates that can be found here.

Where can I find a copy of the Younique Love It Guarantee?
You can find a detailed copy of the Love It Guarantee by clicking here.

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