Change Profile Picture/Primary Social Network

The profile picture on your Younique account is pulled directly from the social media profile that you select as your "primary social network profile". This means that if you change your profile picture on your primary social network profile, that change will reflect on your Younique account as well.

Some Presenters choose to set up a Facebook profile specifically for their Younique account. If that is something you decide to do, please be aware of Section of your Presenter Agreement for naming guidelines and usage of Younique copyrights.

To change your primary social network profile, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Navigate to the "My Profile" section of your Back Office and select "My Social Profiles".

Step 2: On this page you have the ability to manage any social media accounts linked with your Younique account. You can add new accounts, disable existing accounts, and set one account as your "primary social network profile".

Social network profiles can be any of the following statuses:
  • Active: Social network has been authorized and can be used to log in to your Younique account.
  • Inactive: Social network has not been authorized or has been deactivated.
  • Primary: Authorized social network that is being used as the main account for displaying name, profile picture, and email address.

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